Myopia Week

It’s ‘Myopia Week’, which will no doubt bring out all of the experts from their research warrens, accompanied by the usual descriptions of work towards ‘solutions’ to the condition.

It brings to mind the claim made publicly by the late Professor Brien Holden at a function at the University of NSW that as a result of research by his organisation here and some of his colleagues overseas: “Myopia will be cured within three years”; yes within three years.

That was in 2003. What progress towards a cure 14 years on?


Age shall not weary PMs

Malaysia has a new prime minister, surprise election winner Mahathir Mohamad, aged 92.

Based on that, former PM John Howard, 78, if his party loses the next federal election (due by the end of 2019, but could be earlier), he could make a comeback the one after, being only about 83-84 years of age if he stood then and won.

A mere youngster.



When will politicians of all shapes and sizes come to realise that the electorate-at-large has more collective nous than they have; much more.

Witness the results of a Fairfax/Ipsos poll, published this week, that showed, inter alia, 57 per cent of electors want excess revenue to be used to pay off government debt, compared to 38 per cent who say they prefer tax cuts.

Compare that grown-up attitude to the behavior of politicians rorting travel expenses, whether it’s using helicopters to travel to party fund-raisers, or to buy holiday flats at distant beach-sides, or to cart ‘handbags’ a.k.a. ‘boyfriends’ all over the land, and so on.

There’s no comparison, is there.