A new study by Transitions Optical in the United States has revealed that while American employees are very interested in getting insurance coverage for eye examinations, many are confusing comprehensive eye exams with online vision tests.

The study shows 50 per cent of millennials and 54 per cent of Gen Z are likely to incorrectly believe that online tests are a suitable replacement for in-office eye exams.

The research, part of Transitions’ ‘Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits’ survey, found that six in 10 employees would be willing to have their eyes checked more often if their employer offered ‘online eye exam’ coverage. However, it also revealed that four in 10 employees incorrectly believe that “online eye exams that provide glasses or contact lens prescriptions are a suitable replacement for in-office eye exams.”

“Many people believe that an eye exam is just about getting the right glasses or contacts to help them see better, but it’s much more than that,” Dr Brian Chou, O.D., an optometrist in San Diego, is quoted by Eyecare Business in its report on the study results.

The study also points to gaps in education about what online tests are. Older employees are less likely to understand the concept of online tests, but younger ones (millennials and Gen Z) are more likely to equate the online vision tests like Opternative with comprehensive, dilated exams.