Moorfields Eye Hospital secures £20 million investment for new project

London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has successfully bid for government funding to support Oriel, a proposal to design, build and operate a new, integrated eye-care research and education facility, according to an announcement by the hospital.

Moorfields has managed to secure nearly £20 million of funding as part of the Department of Health & Social Care’s major investment in the long-term future of the NHS, the announcement said.

Oriel will relocate all services from Moorfields Eye Hospital on City Road and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology on Bath Street to the new facility at its preferred site at St. Pancras Hospital, the announcement noted.
“We’re very pleased that we have been successful with our bid,” David Probert, chief executive officer for Moorfields Eye Hospital, said in the announcement.

Plans for new, integrated eye-care, research and education facility

“This is fantastic news and is a really exciting opportunity for us and our plans to design, build and operate a new, integrated eye-care, research and education facility with the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.”
Mr Probert added: “We’re very proud of the role we play with UCL’s Institute of Ophthalmology in leading ophthalmic services in London, the UK and abroad, and we look forward to continuing this role in a new state-of-the-art facility.”
According to the announcement, five short-listed

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Standard Chartered reaches $US100 million blindness-fight goal – 2 years early

Standard Chartered financial services company has announced it has reached the goal it set in 2011 to raise$US100 million for the fight against avoidable blindness and visual impairment.

The goal has been reached two years ahead of the bank’s 2020 target date.

The news was shared with employees, clients and charity partners on 25 September at an event at the British Museum to mark 15 years of ‘Seeing is Believing’ (SiB), Standard Chartered’s global partnership with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) to tackle avoidable blindness and visual impairment.

Access to health services for people in low-and middle-income countries

By funding projects run by international eye health organisations, SiB provides access to affordable and quality eye health services to people in low- and middle-income countries.

The money raised through SiB has reached more than 167 million people through medical interventions, eye examinations, and eye health education and training. The initiative has funded 184 eye health projects in 37 countries, supported 4.4 million sight-restoring surgeries and trained more than 318,000 health workers.

Mr David Fein, group general counsel and chairman of Seeing is Believing said: “Seeing is Believing has changed the lives of millions of individuals and families by providing eye health services that enable many to return to education and work. As a

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50% of US millennials believe online vision tests are OK

A new study by Transitions Optical in the United States has revealed that while American employees are very interested in getting insurance coverage for eye examinations, many are confusing comprehensive eye exams with online vision tests.

The study shows 50 per cent of millennials and 54 per cent of Gen Z are likely to incorrectly believe that online tests are a suitable replacement for in-office eye exams.

The research, part of Transitions’ ‘Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits’ survey, found that six in 10 employees would be willing to have their eyes checked more often if their employer offered ‘online eye exam’ coverage. However, it also revealed that four in 10 employees incorrectly believe that “online eye exams that provide glasses or contact lens prescriptions are a suitable replacement for in-office eye exams.”

“Many people believe that an eye exam is just about getting the right glasses or contacts to help them see better, but it’s much more than that,” Dr Brian Chou, O.D., an optometrist in San Diego, is quoted by Eyecare Business in its report on the study results.

The study also points to gaps in education about what online tests are. Older employees are less likely to understand the concept of online tests, but younger ones (millennials and Gen Z) are more

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Lasers used to ‘blind’ US pilots


High-powered lasers allegedly have been used to ‘blind’ United States pilots near a base in Djilbouti, on the Horn of Africa, where Chinese and US bases are only kilometres apart.

China has denied allegations its is responsible for causing ‘minor eye injuries’ to US fighter pilots from the nearby Chinese base.

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Orbis launches blended learning courses in ophthalmic fundamentals

Orbis, the non-profit organization famous for its delivery of eye care, including surgery, via its on-board-aircraft operating theatre and that also focuses on the prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness, has launched three new eLearning courses on Cybersight, Orbis’ online training and mentorship telemedicine platform for eye-health professionals in low-and-middle-income countries.

The courses are designed with curriculum modelled under blended learning: an approach which will allow educators and residency program directors to combine online content with in-person, hands-on skills training sessions, including volunteer faculty on the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and in local hospitals.

The courses – Fundamentals in MSICS, Fundamentals of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, and Ophthalmic Nursing Fundamentals – are firsts in a series designed to cover fundamentals across ophthalmic disciplines and subspecialties.

“At Orbis, we’ve been using Cybersight, the Flying Eye Hospital, and hospital based trainings as distinctive platforms to build of the skills of eye-care teams around the world,” Amelia Geary, director, program development and quality, said.

“Orbis has now started creating course content that can stand alone for online learners and can be accessed from anywhere, but is best when paired with hands-on training in a blended learning approach.”

The courses combine narrative, medical art and images, demonstration and surgical videos to optimize the learning experience. They also

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A look at the future: US study


‘The Future of Optometry’, presented at the recent Vision Expo West, was a look at the future, based on a comprehensive study conducted by Jobson Medical Information designed to appraise the current and future state of optometry in the United States.

The presentation looked at likely changes in practice operations, as well as practical action points to adapt to evolving business dynamics through to the year 2025

The study found that demand for eye care has two components: demand for corrective products (particularly spectacles and contact lenses) and services, as well as for medical diagnosis and treatment, including surgery. The first category has been the traditional stronghold of optometry, and the latter has been the main focus of ophthalmology.

‘Eye care is a huge business’

Among its findings was that eye care is a huge business, with more than three-quarters of the adult population wearing vision correction devices, with an estimated $US33.5 billion pent annually by American adults for refractive eye examinations, eyewear and contact lenses. Another $US28.6 billion is spent for medical and surgical eye care, meaning total eye-care demand per capita is nearly $US200 annually.

The study found that demand for eye care is higher among older people, both because a higher proportion of people over 40 need vision correction and

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New optometry course planned for Scotland

The University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland has announced plans to develop a BSc degree in optometry, backed by expertise and funding from the Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians Educational Trust, the optical press in the United Kingdom reports.

Described by the university as a move to “address the growing demand for eye-care services in the region”, the university has submitted an initial proposal to the General Optical Council and is “working with stakeholders to develop the new course”.

  • The program will “incorporate new approaches to regional training to support the delivery of optometry services in remote and rural communities”.
  • The UHI uses a regional university structure, made up of a partnership of 13 independent colleges and research institutions based in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Previously known as the UHI Millennium Institute, the UHI gained full university status in 2011.
  • Today the university has over 40,000 further and higher education students. The optometry course will be conducted by the UHI’s0 School of Health, Social Care and Life Sciences.

Professor Crichton Lang, deputy principal of the university, said: “We are delighted to be working in innovative ways with industry partners to develop and deliver this BSc degree in the region. This initiative will boost career opportunities, strengthen

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National Sunglass Day in US collects 600m+ impressions

National Sunglasses Day – The Vision Council’s fourth annual campaign in the United States to promote the importance of sunwear – went viral again this year with more than 600 million broadcast, online and social media impressions.

This year’s impressions surpassed last year’s record of 580 million-plus impressions.

The Vision Council, for the first time, executed a series of broadcasts interviews with Marie Claire senior fashion editor and E! News fashion correspondent, Zanna Roberts Rassi, resulting in 30 TV and radio interviews with national outlets such as The Daily Buzz and as well as numerous regional outlets.

The interviews focused on top-level National Sunglasses Day messaging, the importance of UV eye health and the top summer sunglass trends.

The Vision Council also executed two regional broadcast segments with Dr Justin Bazan, OD, on CT Style, and Let’s Talk Live DC. National Sunglasses Day was also covered on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, as well as on, and

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J&J Vision Care launches Advocacy Academy

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc has launched Advocacy Academy, an on-demand educational tool to train eye-health advocates to engage with legislators, agencies and patient associations on key issues affecting eye health.

The ‘academy’ consists of self-paced modules aimed at eye-health professionals who have an interest in sharing their expertise with the three groups so as to effectively advocate for policies that “put patients first”.

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Colleges seek injunction against online retailer in Canada

TWO optometrical colleges in Ontario, Canada, have turned to the courts to seek an injunction that would prohibit the Essilor Canada-owned online retail portal Clearly from dispensing prescription glasses and contact lenses to the public without complying with local legislation, Optician reports.

The College of Opticians of Ontario and the College of Optometrists of Ontario regulate dispensing and optometry in the province, where it is illegal for anyone other than an optometrist, optiician or physician to dispense prescription eyewear to a patient except under appropriate supervision or delegation.

Under section 87 of the Health Professions Procedural Code, the colleges have applied to a judge of the Ontario Superior Court to bring an injunction to stop any individual, or organisation from dispensing in a manner that violates state law.

‘Patient choice and convenience is important, but this can’t come at the expense of patient safety,’ Dr Paula Garshowitz, registrar of the College of Optometrists of Ontario, said.

‘This action isn’t about stopping online dispensing. This is about ensuring that Ontarians have full protection under Ontario laws.’

Patients in Ontario are presently able to purchase eyewear online that is lawfully dispensed by authorised eye-care practitioners through a strict validation process developed by the colleges.

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