Intravitreal injections provided in private hospitals are relatively ‘low-value’ procedures that can be safely carried out in ophthalmologists’ rooms at much lower cost,                                                           according to private health fund, HCF.

An analysis of HCF claims data for 21 procedures puts intravitreal injections in private hospitals at the top of the list

At the top of the list is inpatient intravitreal injections – a shot of medicine into the eye to protect  vision – which experts say is a good procedure but shouldn’t be performed in hospitals because it only adds “enormous cost for no clinical benefit”.

They said almost all of the 5699 admissions for inpatient intravitreal injections were “low value”.

“Overall, 17 per cent of the injections are happening in the inpatient setting in the private system and that’s growing at 25 per cent a year,” co-author Professor Adam Elshaug said.