After 60 years practising as an optometrist and examining the eyes of thousands of patients, Perth’s Graham Fist has called it a day and retired on 30 May.

Mr Fist, who turns 82 in August, started work in the family business in Perth six decades ago in 1958.

His retirement also marks the end of an era as the business, Mr Fist Optometrist, is believed to be Australia’s oldest family-owned optometry practice. The third-generation optical business operated for 121 years after being established by Mr Fist’s optician grandfather William.

Mr Fist is Optometry Western Australia’s oldest member and possibly its longest serving.

He is closing his Murray Street premises to make way for a redevelopment and a decision to triple the office rent hastened his retirement. The practice has a refractor dating from the 1960s and patient records kept on cards and notebooks dating from the 1900s which include a list of WW1 soldiers.