Optometry Australia has announced the following staff changes:

  • Former national communications manager Sandra Shaw departed after 30 years;
  • Bookshop and brochures manager, Natalina Bortone, after 33 years;
  • Standards and research advisor, Patricia Kiely. after 18 years; and
  • Executive assistant, Maria Wallis, after 21 years.
  • Laura Gulbin; graphic designer, Ashleigh McMillian, journalist and Tin Nguyen, policy and advocacy advisor also left the organisation.

New appointments include:

  • Optometrists Sophie Koh, national professional services advisor and Kerryn Hart, standards and policy advisor. Kerryn Hart has subsequently been appointed clinical editor of Pharmawhilst maintaining her policy role.
  • Shayley Kilderry, digital support officer, Sarah Davies, policy and advocacy manager and Lachlan Hessing, brand custodian and multimedia designer, also joined the organisation.