FRESH from its drubbing in the Federal Court of Australia at the hands of exhibition organiser Expertise Events, the Optical Distributors and Manufacturers Association of Australia is claiming exhibitors from Asia will be dominating the forthcoming (it starts this Thursday) SILMO Sydney exhibition.

Utter nonsense, there will be no exhibitors from Asia, at SILMO Sydney, not one, I am reliably informed.

AT last, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is to have a good look at the hearing-aid industry, as well as the audiology ‘profession’.

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper has just run a ‘people’ story that seems to have stirred the ACCC to investigate the rorting that sectors of the industry are up to, such as pressure selling of hearing aids (often before a consultation has ended), huge prices and mark-ups, hidden commissions and a whole bag of other tricks.

Not all audiologists are involved, but the offenders are blackening the reputation of all of them through their greedy behaviour.

The ‘bad hats’ should be given a hard time, with crackdowns on their shameful behavior, so that the community gets a fair go.